Psychosexual therapy (sex therapy for short) is a talking therapy.  It is an opportunity to talk about difficulties you are having in your sex life and to be guided towards achieving goals that you set for your intimate relationship. My practice is specifically focussed on helping people to rebuild their sex life after illness or injury, though I do occasionally take clients who are in good health but struggling none-the-less with issues such as menopause or sexual communication or loss of desire.

​Each session lasts for up to 60 minutes, starting with an exploratory ‘Initial Assessment’, where you get to talk about your problem and I can tell you more about my approach and how it may help. 

Assuming we go forward from there, then over the following weeks I will give you exercises to do at home which are aimed at moving you closer to acheiving the goals that we have agreed.  If you have a partner, it is important that you are both present for our sessions and that all goals are mutually acceptable. This is because collaboration and committment are really important for success!

​*At no point will you be asked to undress or do anything sexual during a therapy session.

Online therapy?

People give many reasons for accessing therapy ‘online’.  The most important thing for the majority is that it is accessible – you don’t have to manage several flights of stairs, I don’t only work 9-5, I’m not based in a hospital and it doesn’t matter if you live on a remote island.

Some people use online therapy because they live ‘abroad’ and the idea of sex therapy in a second language or a different culture is just way too complicated.

​The thing is that as long as you have internet access, a web-cam and a private space without interruption, then using a secure online platform allows you to reach for help, whether you are in Taunton or Timbuktu! 

(Unfortunately, for legal reasons I cannot accept clients from the USA or Canada at this time).

​There is really comprehensive information about sex therapy on the website of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT).  COSRT is the UK’s leading membership organisation for therapists specialising in sexual and relationship issues.  I abide by their code of ethics which you can read here.