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Before you contact me, I have to tell you (because of data protection rules)  that I am the guardian of your information and will never, never share it or sell it on.  I have to, by law, give you a more comprehensive statement about lots of things, including the data I collect and how I store it and protect it.  This is all covered in the Initial Agreement between Therapist and Service user form.  Should you book an initial consultation you need to print this off, sign it and send it back to me.  Follow this link.

Your Initial Consultation is free of charge, but should we proceed after that, I charge £75-00 per session.  This charge is additionally subject to VAT at 20% so the inclusive price will be £90 (or the Euro equivalent). I’ll share my bank details and terms when we speak.​

What next?

Complete the enquiry form or drop me an email at – I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you.